We work with companies, teams and individuals to understand themselves, build their resilience and ultimately be at the their very best.

Coaching is much more than training for skills. We work to help improve every individual by working with them as individuals, because one size will never fit all.

We use the latest proven coaching tools and techniques to improve performance, and constantly work to keep our programmes fresh, interactive and fun!

Whether to sharpen leadership skills, launch a new product, or lift a team’s commercial performance, our programmes add real value to you and your business.




Understanding that stress is a choice is a liberating experience for most people. In this programme, we explore the main stressors; educate the unhelpful beliefs that trigger stressful responses and increase awareness to enable management of it.  You will study and practice techniques that can fundamentally change your life.

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Once you have built your own understanding and resilience, this follow-on programme helps you learn how to help manage stress and pressure within the teams you manage.

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By understanding the psychology of change, you will be able to recognize and prevent the toxic and unhelpful role of ‘learned helplessness’.  Once this has been achieved, we help your teams to shift from surviving into thriving & create a collective, more empowering state of mind.

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Understanding how you react in conflict, in order to prevent it.  This programme looks at what is ‘reciprocity’ and why is it important? Generate a reciprocity contact plan to unlock collaboration.

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Understand how and when to give feedback, the importance of 2-way feedback, and what stops us giving feedback – good or bad. The programme will give you full confidence to deliver that critical need for clarity of performance.

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In this programme you will learn, rekindle and refresh key commercial performance skills and behaviours. You will understand how you engage, add value and build long term trust in order to nurture and grow key clients in a competitive marketplace. 

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This programme explores options to develop and maintain a foundational culture, where performance can thrive. Understand the core emotional needs & key components, which if met, will unlock the highest level of motivation: “I will do whatever it takes”.  Everyone will conceive and commit to a stretch goal directly impacting on their business. 

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What are you really hearing, and what are you not? This programme will give you the essential skills of professional coaching as a manager/leader, and crucially understand how to actively listen (and the impact this can have), empower and inspire superior performance. 

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This programme is comprised of 3 highly practical modules – managing you, managing your team and managing your business area. Transition from being an ordinary manager into and extraordinary leader to get great results in your teams.

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Everyone will be able to understand the critical role an agile mindset will directly have on professional behaviours.  Using Tilt365, your teams will create a behavioural development plan to maximize positive influence internally and externally on your clients.  You will contribute to a refined culture by unblocking & introducing new initiatives, understand your limiting beliefs and turn them into positive actions.

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You will understand how to recognize and use cutting edge ‘Thought Intelligence’ in this programme.   By understanding the deeper role that ‘Thought’ plays in our own reality, your teams will be well equipped to become Conscious Leaders.  This in turn, will enable individuals and teams to operate from our natural performance state. 

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Recognising that there is untapped potential in your organisation, is the first step towards creating an environment where everyone is heard. We will help you to understand and overcome what is stopping people contributing, and why new thinking is not offered let alone considered.

So that it is not just the loudest voices that get attention! Encouraging different ideas, views and perspectives, which come from different experiences, backgrounds and skill sets will support your business innovation and creativity. This will help you become an organisation that doesn't just look diverse but is diverse.

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