We make a point of working in partnership with our clients to offer team coaching programmes that truly fit your business & resolve the problems and opportunities you are facing.  

To build specific programmes by talking to your key people, and learn first hand about the status quo: your strengths, perceived weaknesses and the challenges ahead.  

Our team coaching workshops are highly interactive and are created using a blend our unique content, innovative & thought provoking coaching exercises & ample time to agree key change actions.  Every individual attending our workshops is invited to create their own ‘NOW WHAT’ action plan.  We do this to drive personal accountability and ownership.  

All our workshops are planned with a half-day follow up within six weeks, ensuring that we monitor and consolidate impact and rigorous preview at the journey ahead.  

Finally, we always provide an honest and objective coaching consultancy recommendation at the end of each project. Our processes are proven to driving measurable results, which is why we work in this way.  

I have never come away from a two day training session feeling so enlightened and with so much inspiration, for that I truly thank you Archipelo!
— Laura Le Masurier, Commercial Director, Space & Satcoms